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cholesterol-lowering diet

Dieting to Lower Cholesterol

High cholesterol must be approached from different points of view. In the first place, you have to change habits that favor the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases, that is, smoking, drinking alcohol, having problems of being overweight or obese and poor diet. Many times these changes do not take place and the only solution to…

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10 cholesterol myths

10 Common Myths About Cholesterol

Many false beliefs surround the subject of cholesterol, a determining condition in the risk of heart disease. Know the most common myths that can harm your health and learn what you should do to keep it at a healthy range [source], according to the advice of the American Heart Association (AHA). 1. If I do…

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nuts and seeds lower cholesterol

7 Ways to Lower Bad Cholesterol Without Medication

Cardiovascular diseases are the # 1 cause of death in the United States. About 2,300 people die each day from a heart condition. According to the American Heart Association, lowering blood cholesterol can reduce the risk.┬áIf your latest blood lipid tests turned out to be a bit high in cholesterol, you may be able to…

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